Workshop Series: What will Poststructuralism have been? (2022)


20 Jan 21, 11:30am–02:30pm (CET), online: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (Surrey), with contributions by Joshua Bergamin and Tanja Traxler

21 Apr 22, 06:00pm–09:00pm (CET), online: Thomas Nail (Denver), with contributions by Ralf Gisinger and Manu Sharma

20 May 22, 10:00am–01:00pm, HS 2i NIG: Kas Saghafi (Memphis), with contributions by Flora Löffelmann and Angelika Seppi (room changed!)

Organised by Eva-Maria Aigner, Arno Böhler, Jonas Oßwald

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(German version)


The lecture series is based on the assumption that while the theoretical movement of poststructuralism is being associated with a constant series of representatives, there is no consensus about a thematic standpoint that would be commonly shared by them. The label »poststructuralism« therefore functions pragmatically, despite remaining thematically undetermined. This is currently mirrored in debates on post-truth, in which critics again and again claim the supposed entanglement of poststructuralism, without being able to designate the specic coherence of the term.

Based on this situation the lecture series aims at situating poststructuralism in its irreducible plurality both historically and systematically, thereby drawing a sort of review of this theoretical movement and, at the same time, seek out potential actualizations.

If the lecture series therefore asks the (rather polemical) question, what »it will have been« that goes by the name of poststructuralism, the future II, which was coined by Jacques Derrida as a mode of speaking of the event, should invite a historization as well as an opening towards a future poststructuralism. The event continues the workshop series 2020/21.