Didier Debaise: "The Earth of the Moderns. How to Inherit Latour's Inquiry into Modes of Existences" - Lecture and Discussion


January 27th 2023, 6-8pm (CET), Zoom

The Reading Circle of the Research Group “Poststructuralism, Gender Theory, Psychoanalysis” at the University of Vienna cordially invites you to the next public event:

Didier Debaise (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

"The Earth of the Moderns. How to Inherit Latour's Inquiry into Modes of Existences"

January 27th 2023, 6-8pm (CET)

Lecture and Discussion (online)

Debaise is currently working on a series of texts around Bruno Latour's thought. Thus, in his lecture, he will present his research: bringing together his interpretation of Whitehead (“Cosmology of the Moderns”), laid out in the book Nature as Event. The Lure of the Possible, with Latour’s Inquiry into Modes of Existence.

Introduction: Arno Böhler & Ralf Gisinger

Response: Kilian Jörg

Register here to get the Zoom-Link and reference texts: ralf.gisinger@univie.ac.at


Didier Debaise is Professor for Contemporary Philosophy at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and permanent researcher at the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique. His main areas of research are contemporary forms of speculative philosophy, philosophy of nature, and links between American pragmatism and the French contemporary philosophy. He wrote several books on Whitehead’s philosophy (Un empirisme spéculatif, Le vocabulaire de Whitehead and L’appât des possibles), edited volumes on pragmatism (Vie et experimentation), on the history of contemporary metaphysics (Philosophie des possessions), and he wrote numerous papers on Bergson, Tarde, Souriau, Simondon, and Deleuze. Two of his books appeared in English: Nature as Event (Duke University Press) and A Speculative Empiricism (Edinburgh University Press).

Since 2021 the Reading and Research Circle PS-GT-PA (initiated by Arno Böhler) includes public events additionally to the monthly readings. This lecture follows a workshop in December with Erin Manning and Brian Massumi on “The Three Ecologies”.