Workshop Reading Circle: Three Ecologies with Erin Manning & Brian Massumi



17.12.21, 6-8pm (CET), Zoom

We invite you cordially to this public session of the Reading Circle "Poststructuralism-Gender Theory-Psychoanalysis" on Guattari's Three Ecologies with Erin Manning & Brian Massumi.

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In The Three Ecologies (1989) Félix Guattari outlined his unique concept of ecosophy, a connection of three ecological realms: environmental, social, mental ecology. He pleads for a transversal understanding of ecology and therefore develops an ethico-aesthetic program in times of Integrated World Capitalism (IWC).

In this public workshop of the Reading Circle (Research Group “PS-GT-PA”) we will discuss the text with Erin Manning and Brian Massumi.

Erin Manning (Concordia University) & Brian Massumi (University of Montreal) founded the 3ecologies Project, an autonomous organization for research-creation (following the SenseLab) that explores the active relations between art, philosophy and politics.

The Reading Circle was formed by members of the Research Group "Poststructuralism-Gender Theory-Psychoanalysis" early 2021 under the guidance of Arno Böhler and meets monthly to discuss texts that are in the fields of interest of the researchers. Readings until now were Barad, Simondon, Deleuze/Guattari, Malabou, Althusser, Chakrabarty, Soka. Since October 2021 the new format of the Reading Circle includes public workshops with leading experts on the discussed topics.


Organisation: Arno Böhler, Manu Sharma, Mathias Schönher, Ralf Gisinger